About Gajova Boutique

Motivated by the beauty in my life, I created Gajova Boutique as a mom/designer who's daily inspiration comes from her three beautiful daughters, who are represented in the three petals of our logo.

Living in New York, the fashion capital of the world, serves as my constant inspiration to want to bring style into regular life. After years of being inspired by New York’s fashion scene, I set my sights on the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I graduated. This is where I really got to experience all of the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Now armed with the secrets and knowledge of the epicenter of fashion, I set out to find the most trendy, modern jewelry and fashion that not only offers great quality but is also accessible to everyone with an eye for style. We bring you pieces that are crafted with quality in mind. Gajova Boutique strives to bring you the best quality so you can enjoy the trends that can walk the runway as well as dress up an errand run!


Want to Know More?

One of my favorite complements that I get from customers is that my boutique’s jewelry and fashion is more unique than what they typically see. I really love discovering new designs that feel modern but with a healthy splash of individuality!

And, while I love every single part of the process of bringing you beautiful jewelry and fashion, my absolute favorite part is getting to connect with my customers! I so enjoy getting feedback on my pieces and especially getting to hear my buyers’ wish lists of new, must-have accessories for my boutique!

So, I’d love to hear from you as well!